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The following is a depressing example of our experience with the Pilipino authorities and how they attempt to work:

Demolished house after destructive arson

Demolished house after destructive arson

+ 21st June 2011 – More or less 40 armed men, hired by the land lessee Villalon, open fire and burn down 23 houses at the Villalon Ranch. The incident was blottered at the local police station but no case was filed.

+ 21st June 2011 – Later the same day four PADATA members report to the local PNP about destructive arson of their houses by Villalon´s men at the ranch. The fire incidents go together with shootings, robbery and threatening. The cases need to be investigated.

+ 27th June 2011 – A case of destructive arson is filed by 9 PADATA members.

+ 20th October 2011 – After a four month gap the Provincial Prosecutor of Bukidnon render a Resolution stating the destructive arson case as probable cause and recommending that information should be filed in the appropriate court.

+ 2nd December 2011 – The Regional Trial Court in Malaybalay issues a Warrant of Arrest for destructive arson against 14 men of Villalon´s private security agency.

+ January 2012 – One of the 14 accused are arrested in Dagumbaan.

+ 3rd February 2012 – The Regional Trial Court sets a hearing for the Motion of Reinvestigation of the accused.

+ February- March 2012 – Prosecutor reinvestigates the case of destructive arson after the accused issued a Motion of Reinvestigation.

+ January – now – The Warrant of Arrest against the accused for destructive arson is still not served. IPON brings the case in front of the national Human Rights Office of the Philippine National Police in Manila.

+ 14th March 2012 – A Regional Conference Meeting is held at the regional Police Headquarters in Cagayan de Oro with attendants from the regional, provincial and local police offices as well as PADATA members on how to serve the Warrant of Arrest. The meeting conducts in a two month deadline for the serving of the Warrant.

+ 12th April 2012 – Prosecutor renders a Reinvestigation Report stating that the accused have had alibis on the day of the crime. Moreover it is said that the accused burn down one house which therefore affects the other houses and spread the fire.

+ 3rd May 2012 – The amended information from the Reinvestigation Report is filed in court. The judge in charge approves the information and the Resolution is being amended.

+ 10th May 2012 – The amended Resolution states that the Destructive Arson Case is being lowered to (Simple) Arson. Due to that fact the case is bailable in court now.

+ 14th May 2012 – The period for serving the Warrant of Arrest conducted at the Regional Conference expires without any taken actions. The Philippine National Police is not able to monitor and catch the accused.

+ 15th May 2012 – now – IPON takes different actions in talking to the Prosecution but these remain unfruitful. The talks with the police are similarly disappointing.

+ 1st June 2012 – More than 9 of the accused already left the ranch and their homes and probably the Province.

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